Thursday, 28 March 2013

Planet Aurangabad Black and White Photo Contest 2013

Whether you are a budding photographer or a pro ... whether its your hobby or your profession...we want you to share your best snaps with us.

Each week one picture will be chosen and published in Planet Aurangabad - the English Weekly. This picture will not only receive an attractive prize for that particular week, but it will automatically become eligible for the "Award for Excellence in Photography" for Planet Aurangabad Black and White Photo Contest 2013. 

This Final Selected winner will be selected by an open voting system by the Aurangabadites..

The overall winner, at the end of the year, will take home a MEGA PRIZE and have the coveted "Award for Excellence in Photography"


You can send unlimited entries every week.
There is no theme whatsoever - you can click whatever you like. So what are you waiting for ? The chances for selection are each week. Take out your camera and CLICK !

The judging criteria is -
1. Originality and Clarity
2. Out of the Box thinking is appreciated

Please read the important terms and conditions below before submitting your entry -
* All photographs submitted must be the work of the individual who submits them. Entrants must ensure that photographs of people have been taken with the permission of the subject (where identifiable).
* No digitally altered images will be accepted. (No cloning, adding or removing elements). Only basic enhancements are allowed, for eg brightness, contrast, and sharpening etc.).
* All pictures should be submitted as JPEG files (.jpg). Please include a caption of about 20 -50 words to explain your picture. Resolution should be medium / high (minimum of 1,000 pixels on shorter side of image, maximum of 4,000). Photographers will be credited (eg. Picture: Nitin Bharadwaj)
* You warrant to us that all contributions are lawful and do not infringe any rights of any third party and that you will indemnify us in respect of any breach of that warranty.
* Planet Aurangabad accepts no liability for any content submitted by third parties.
* The photographer agrees that he/she agrees to allow Planet Aurangabad to electronically publish the selected  images in both Planet Aurangabad - The English Weekly and on its online channels (promotional material, social media, website , blog etc) 

* We respect the intellectual property of all photographers and we ask our readers to do the same. All material published is protected by copyright and no one is allowed to copy or reproduce anything without the consent of the photographer.
* We reserve the right to share your identity with any third party who is claiming that any photograph submitted by you violates copyright laws.
* You will not submit photograph that is offensive, nudity,abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene.
* You accept that we may exercise editorial control over the photograph and may decide not to allow publication at our absolute discretion.
* We reserve the right to crop any photographs submitted by you at our discretion in order to fit the overall design and format.
* No payment will be made for use of the pictures submitted to 'Planet Aurangabad Black and White Photo Contest 2013'
* No relatives of employees of Planet Aurangabad are allowed to enter the competition.
* Judges / Management decision is final.
* Planet Aurangabad retains the right to reject or disqualify a picture from the competition.
* You may enter unlimited entries in each competition week. For production reasons, weekly winners will be picked each Thursday. Therefore a week for competition purposes begins each Thursday and ends on a Wednesday. In the case of multiple entries being sent by a single individual in a given competition week, the judges will choose one random image from the selection to put forward for consideration.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Holi - from brajwasi to worldwasi !

Originating way back to the times of Radha and Krishna, the festival of color has found its way through the lanes of India to the streets all over the world. While most of us know how Holi came into being and the legendary story behind it, we are sure you will be surprised to see how Holi is celebrated in the present day in India and all over the world.

Mathura and Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh experience a  month-long affair -, performers from all across the country enact the life of Lord Krishna. A 5-day celebration at Shri Bankebihari Temple in Vrindavan is the prime  highlight of the city.Phoolon-ki-holi (flower holi) is played with tons of colorful and fresh flower petals.

 In Barsana, Uttar Pradesh: Men in groups raid Barsana in order to stamp their superiority over a Radha temple. However, the ladies who enact gopis, greet the men with timber sticks or lathis. While men who are well padded, try not to get caught, women make sure that they hit the raiders with sticks, or at least capture them so that their plan to seize the temple is foiled. Popularly known as lath-maar holi.

 Jaipur,   celebrates the festival  with a unique beauty contest of elephants and tug-of-war between them!

In Puruliya, West Bengal: The Shantiniketan Vasant festival started by Nobel laureate Rabrindranath Tagore is put together by the university students  with cultural programs.
Imphal, Manipur witnesses a  six-day celebration. Locals prepare a thatched hay-hut with twigs and sticks and then burn it. The next day, the boys make groups and play holi with the girls. The girls smartly  extract money from the boys for playing colors with them! On the last day of festival, devotees take out cultural procession towards the main Krishna temple to the wast of Imphal.
Passing outside the streets of India, lets walk into Berlin, Germany -  every year they celebrate Holi complete with  Indian D.J’s, acrobatics and dance.

People throw colored powder in the air. France, U.K., Mexico,  U.S.A and many other countries  are not far behind to have embraced Holi.

                 Team Planet Aurangabad wishes you a Safe and Happy Holi. Enjoy and have fun !