Saturday, 26 January 2013

Triple Holiday Bonanza Weekend

Isn't this like the bestest thing ever !!

School students , college students , bankers , institutions - all having 3 holidays stuck together :)

While we are enjoying this happy time , unwinding , relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves, we should not forget why in the first place are we on this holiday mode ...

First - Id - E - Milad - we saw loads of our muslim and secular brothers celebrating Id on the 25th Jan. The Jama Masjid area at Shahganj was worth looking at - lights , prayers,and yummy sheer korma ..

This day is considered to be the most blessed in the Islamic Calendar. Eid-e-Milad, the birthday of Prophet Mohammed is the day of thanks giving and praising the Almighty. 

The 26th Jan arrives yet again, this time reminding us that this is the 64th year after India became a republic on 26th Jan 1950

We all know that India has had a long journey in these 64 years , but we as self individuals should not stop our personal journey of improving and perfecting ourselves..

Delhi, being the capital of our nation , as usual sees a lot of fervor and celebrations on this day... but we are bringing you Delhi right here in Aurangabad...err.. rather on your laptops .. take a look here for our very own republic day celebrations - - a lovely video feed takes you right there...

Finally, the most loved day since Jesus Christ - Sunday - a funday for all !

Have an amazing weekend everybody...stayhappy , connect with people and most importantly - follow Planet Aurangabad :)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

3 months no blog ! OMG

Hi folks... it has been a week over three months and we have been unable to post anything on our blog yet !! Cant believe it yet ! The reasons for the disbelief are many , but here are a few -

1.  From the last post on 16th Oct 2012  until 15th Jan 2013 - bang 3 months - we more than doubled with our Fan Base - from 700 to 1500 direct 

2.  We started accepting advertisements and classifieds from you and even published them on our facebook page as a part of the cheap and best advertisement deal we give you

3. We hosted our very first give-away for a beautiful and reversible potli style ladies bag - which garnered an excellent response on our Facebook Page 


4. We hosted our highly sought for and helpful Build my confidence and  Personality Booster Workshop at Hotel Windsor Castle

Needless to say, the reviews of the Workshop were more than awesome , here is the proof -

 5. We also ran our blockbuster Know Your City Contest for the 3rd successful time

And like every tree gives fruits, we hugely reward our winners... here are some happy pictures -

We are sure that you are now convinced that we have been absolutely , madly , crazy-ly multitasking to create what you are anxiously waiting for.. If any of you ever comes to our Planet Office , it would surely look more crazy than this -

or sometimes even very very funny like this -

...but all of this is surely paying us off , and you !

We are glad we have come a long way and building a better and bigger family each passing day...

This year will unfold one of the biggest social and community newspaper one has ever seen and this will only be possible with your love and support..

With this , we are signing out now only to be back with more each time.. and yes, more regular on the blogging world for sure !