Saturday, 26 January 2013

Triple Holiday Bonanza Weekend

Isn't this like the bestest thing ever !!

School students , college students , bankers , institutions - all having 3 holidays stuck together :)

While we are enjoying this happy time , unwinding , relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves, we should not forget why in the first place are we on this holiday mode ...

First - Id - E - Milad - we saw loads of our muslim and secular brothers celebrating Id on the 25th Jan. The Jama Masjid area at Shahganj was worth looking at - lights , prayers,and yummy sheer korma ..

This day is considered to be the most blessed in the Islamic Calendar. Eid-e-Milad, the birthday of Prophet Mohammed is the day of thanks giving and praising the Almighty. 

The 26th Jan arrives yet again, this time reminding us that this is the 64th year after India became a republic on 26th Jan 1950

We all know that India has had a long journey in these 64 years , but we as self individuals should not stop our personal journey of improving and perfecting ourselves..

Delhi, being the capital of our nation , as usual sees a lot of fervor and celebrations on this day... but we are bringing you Delhi right here in Aurangabad...err.. rather on your laptops .. take a look here for our very own republic day celebrations - - a lovely video feed takes you right there...

Finally, the most loved day since Jesus Christ - Sunday - a funday for all !

Have an amazing weekend everybody...stayhappy , connect with people and most importantly - follow Planet Aurangabad :)

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