Monday, 1 April 2013

Atharva Karhade wins the COMMON-YM Competition

ATHARVA KARHADE of 6th Standard from Shreyas Balak Mandir  wins the COMMON-YM Competition which was featured in our last week edition ( Vol. 1 , Issue 1)

Congratulations Atharva ! He has won a Gift Voucher of Orama Xing - the Gaming Zone at Prozone with compliments from Planet Aurangabad.


As we told you last time, a Common-ym is a group of words that have a common trait. Here are the answers – 

1. A Ball - A Salad - A Coin ----  they can all be tossed 2. A Cork - A Question - A Balloon ---- they can all be popped 
3. A Bottle - A Baseball Player - A Mushroom ---- they all have caps  
4. A Bell - Mouth - A Shoe ---- they all have tongues 
5. A Hockey Game - A Restaurant - A Bank ---- they all have checks

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